• Xènia Elias

    Co-founder | Associació Zero Waste Bcn Barcelona
    Xènia Elias


    In 2015 founded Zero Waste Bcn to raise awareness about waste and the possibility of a more sustainable lifestyle, through workshops and talks. Apart from her work in the association, she takes part in different initiatives against food waste and artistic projects.


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    Towards a world with zero waste

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    Xènia Elias
    Xènia Elias Associació Zero Waste Bcn Co-founder

    13-06-2019 16:00 13-06-2019 17:00 Europe/Madrid Towards a world with zero waste

    How can I incorporate the zero waste vision into a business project? Find out in this space for reflection on the use of the social economy as an innovative tool for waste prevention. You’ll do so by listening to the experiences of entrepreneurs involved in the Zero Waste Movement programme.

    Hall 8 - L4 TENDÈNCIES
    Thu 13 16:00h - 17:00h L4 TENDÈNCIES